Custom Commission Lady Renee


A custom commission piece work in progress,  An approval wax of a Biloxi Lugger, circa 1947.




A work in progress, a photo of a commission piece. The image is submitted to the customer for final approval prior to casting in a precious metal. This particular vessel is known as a Biloxi Lugger. The Lady Renee was built in 1947 at Bayou La Batre, Alabama and worked the Gulf for several years. She was a privately owned and beloved working Family boat.

Several additional photo’s of the Lady Renee were provided by the customer and were used as a basis for creating concept sketches and the creation of the wax itself.

Pricing for a commission piece will vary according to the complexity of the piece, it’s size and mold requirements. Pieces that combine Gold and silver elements will require multiple molds.

A custom design does not always have to be started from scratch, Over the years We have created several hundred of our own molds and designs, quite often one or more of those existing pieces can be modified and re-designed saving the customer substantial expense.

On average a single metal design and mold cost $200-$300.00 with the final finished piece in Sterling Silver having a cost between $140-$250. Our 45 years combined experience allow’s us to provide a fairly good estimate and once a price and the design concept is agreed, a deposit payment is made and work begins on the wax itself.

We do several Commission pieces throughout the course of a year. The conceptual and design process usually takes about 7-10 days culminating in a hand created wax of the piece.

Several discussions are involved to understand what the client would like their final piece to look like and conversely, we advise the client that although most anything is possible, sometimes minor elements need to be adjusted keeping in mind that the piece will ultimately be a fine piece of jewelry to be worn as a pendant on a chain or slide. Therefore things like structural integrity, comfort, functionality and the balance of the piece must be considered.

Once the design and the wax has been approved the piece will be cast in the metal of the customers choice. Casting usually requires 2-3 weeks with final shaping, detailing and finishing requiring an additional week or so.

We pride ourselves on customer service and especially communication. You can trust us to work with you to produce a custom piece that will be admired and appreciated.


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